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We are proud to be providers of new supported living services for young people aged 16 and over which is underpinned by a therapeutic approach to improve children’s resilience and outcomes.
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Our six-bedroom Thatcham supported living home, situated between Reading and Newbury, offers a therapeutic environment with a clinical overview guided by our use of the BERRI psychological assessment tool.
Our Thatcham home is a large, detached family home with extensive gardens offering a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for up to six young people aged 16 years and over.  All consideration is given to ensuring a positive and balanced mix of young people, along with appropriate staffing levels.
Central to our model of support is our highly skilled staff team who provide a therapeutic environment for the young people we support. Our therapeutic care pathways highlight our recognition of person-centred support planning, whereby we seek to gain a thorough understanding of a young person’s needs, and respond to those needs within a therapeutic, clinically supported environment.
Ameliorate will support a multi-agency approach in order to achieve consistency and a shared vision for the delivery of support. The service will recognise the causes in the challenges a young person may present with, in order to properly understand the symptoms that they present as a result.  We will facilitate regular, ongoing meetings with our local authority partners to review each placement and work closely with all professionals involved to find solutions to issues and challenges that may arise.
 We embrace working with risk more positively. Risk will be shared with each local authority where specific expertise will be identified to the whole team involved in the young person’s support.  Ameliorate will schedule meetings with the local authority, involving all professionals delivering services to the young person.
This may include but is not limited to: CAMHS, SEN, Health, Social Worker, IRO, YOT, so that the most appropriate approach can be made at multi-agency level. These meetings are also intended to identify the resources needed to support the young person.