Caring Child
What does Ameliorate do? We provide specialist therapeutic services for children and young people in looked after care. 
Ameliorate has been established to provide services for young people aged 16 years and over who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioural challenges. Our philosophy is to place the needs of young people at the heart of our service, by promoting and providing support that respects young people’s choice, rights, privacy, and dignity.
Our directors have over 40 years of combined experience in delivering the highest quality social care services.  One of our directors is regarded as an expert in the field of therapeutic service delivery and is currently involved in a research project with Oxford University, DFE and Ofsted, to establish definition and development of best therapeutic practices within social care services nationally.

Another director has over 14 years experience in delivering high quality supported living services for care leavers, and young people with complex needs. They currently work in partnership with a local authority Safeguarding Children's Partnership as a provider representative, and have been the recipient of numerous awards for innovative practice in social care.
Ameliorate is committed to delivering high standards of corporate governance, and a key element of this is managing the company in a socially responsible way. The company aims to employ high ethical and professional standards, and comply fully with all laws and regulations applicable to our organisation.
“We are delighted to announce that Ameliorate Children’s Services has passed Stage Two of the Commissioning Alliance (CA) accreditation process, and are now an accredited provider with the CA Accreditation Scheme!

The Commissioning Alliance Accreditation Scheme is designed to help local authority placements and commissioning teams better assess the quality, policies, and procedures of supported living services for young care leavers aged 16 and over. 

Ameliorate Children’s Services are proud to have completed each stage of the accreditation process, and to have taken part in a number of advisory group sessions which helped to inform and guide the development of the accreditation scheme”.
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